How can I integrate my email marketing tool to KingSumo?

You will need to use a Zapier webhook to connect your email marketing tool with KingSumo. These are the guideline to use Zapier webhooks for the Web App:

  1. Go to Zapier, create a Zap and select the settings in the image below:
  2. When you click on Continue, you will be shown you Custom Webhook URL that you must copy.
  3. Then go to KingSumo Account and select Integrations. Paste the Zapier URL into the box that says 'Zap URL'.
  4. Go back to Zapier and click 'Continue'. Ignore and leave blank the box that says 'Pick off a Child Key'. You will then be redirected to a new page that will ask you if you want to test the giveaway. You can skip the test since you do not have any contestants that have entered your giveaway.
  5. When you are done creating the webhook, click the plus sign below and look for the specific app of your email marketing tool. 
  6. Once you are done with creating the Zap you can activate it. You can create a test giveaway to see if your contacts are pulled into your chosen tool.

When you create the giveaway that you want to be integrated with Zapier, remember to go to Section 4 and enable Zapier. If you have already created a giveaway, you must also go to Section 4 and enable Zapier for the integration to work.

Also, you can do the same using Integrately instead of Zapier.

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