What is the difference between the KingSumo WordPress Plugin and the Web App?

The WordPress and web app versions have similar, but slightly different feature sets. 

The WordPress plugin was made for customers who use WordPress on their site. And the web app version was made for customers who do not use WordPress.

Both our WordPress plugin and our web app Pro version come with a money-back guarantee, so you can try both and see if you love it!

In a nutshell, the WordPress plugin lets you control the emails that are sent, while the web app version has more options for bonus entries.

In the web app version, KingSumo doesn’t automatically email the winner — so you have complete control over how and when you email the winner. However, in the KingSumo WordPress plugin, the tool does automatically email the winner.

Our recommendation is you try the free version of the web app. If you like the web app and want more features (like Zapier, Facebook Pixel, and custom branding), go ahead and upgrade.     

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